World's Leading Football Choreographer

Football Freestyle Pioneer

Director of Sports agency 'Select Sports Artists'

I met ex- German International Hansi Mueller who told me that I had the technical ability to play at the highest level in football.

Mike reached his level in football training alongside one of Europe’s top strikers of the time- German centre forward Fredi Bobic, training for hours on sprints, crossing, passing, heading, finishing and building strength.

Ex England manager Kevin Keegan set up training periods in England at Premier league clubs to allow Mike the chance to train at home for a while before returning to his club in Germany. Mike enjoyed spells at German club Ludwigsburg and Schaffhausen in Switzerland before making a return home to England.

To this day I still appreciate the chance that Hansi Mueller gave me in football. He introduced me to a great agent Juergen Schwab who helped me develop as a player and is still a good friend today. Hansi used to tell me that it was very rare for him to see a player with my level of skill on the pitch. This gave me lots of confidence especially knowing that Hansi had played in World cup finals and was even picked to play for the ‘Rest of the World’ team.

At the end of Mike's playing career he was selected as a member of the England Futsal (5 a-side) team following a search of technically gifted players from across the country. Futsal is a version of indoor 5-a-side football which is very popular in many of the technically gifted football countries such as Brazil, Spain and Portugal. Ronaldinho has only praise for the game which he says helped develop his football skills. After a number of trials at Lilleshall, Mike was brought into the squad to play in World Cup qualifiers.

At the age of 19, Mike Delaney entered the world of Professional football.

Since then he has choreographed and appeared in some of the most incredible football commercials ever seen.

Highly respected by many of the world’s best players, Mike has worked with them time and again.

He has coached some of the greatest players in football history through intricate football skills.

Mike is a qualified coach and director of the highly respected Skills Academy.

He is also one of the original professional freestylers having performed his shows for audiences all over the world.

There are times when they need a player who looks something like the player but there are also occasions when I have been used for my footwork so on these occasions it was just important for me to have a similar outfit to the player.

On set for the Nike Scorpion commercial in 2001, Mike was used to design and create most of the moves eventually used in the ad. The campaign was a huge success for Nike and Mike was again brought in to work with Figo, Roberto Carlos and Eric Cantona on the re-match.

It was so great to work with Eric Cantona. He was a really interesting person to talk to and very impressive as an actor. He had been one of my favourite players and one of my highlights on set was playing football tennis with him over some chairs.

There were a number of occasions when Mike was used to advertise the product as himself. He appeared in a range of ads- some shown in parts of Europe, others in America. A British favourite was the unforgettable John Smith's 'No nonsense' ad where Mike performs an array of skills before comic Peter Kay boots the ball into a garden.